Google Classroom is the platform the high school uses to deliver content and create assignments as well as one way to keep the lines of communication between home and school wide open! Here is a link for parents to better understand how it works!
8 days ago, Angie Brewer
Let's start 2021 off with a positive attitude!
15 days ago, Angie Brewer
Enjoy these last 2 days off Mustangs! We are excited to see you back at school on Monday at MCHS!
16 days ago, Angie Brewer
Look out 2021! Here We Come!
18 days ago, Angie Brewer
Happy Monday Mustangs! AMI day #1 is in progress. Please log into Google Classroom to complete assignments. This day is "snow much fun" if you have pictures to share we would love to see them. Make time for some sledding and hot cocoa too~ you are only young once!
about 1 month ago, Angie Brewer
snow fun
Reminder ~ you have this week and next week to get missing work turned in and all grades up to passing! Tutoring is available morning and afternoon each day and all work done during tutoring can be made up for full credit! Study guides for finals will be coming out next week~ Take advantage of these opportunities. Also ACT Tutoring is available on Tues/Thurs mornings at 7:30 with Mr. Holz!
about 1 month ago, Angie Brewer
A few reminders as we come back from Thanksgiving Break!
about 2 months ago, Angie Brewer
Hey Mustangs!
Don't forget! Parent Teacher Conferences are just around the corner!
3 months ago, Angie Brewer
PT Conf
Hey Mustangs! If your child is at home and not able to come to school but well enough to complete assignments, please have them use their Google Classroom and continue working so they don't get behind. Teachers are also adding a link to each of their Google Classrooms so that your student is able to join in the class from home if they need to. Teachers are grading work for students who are at home, but not sick, in the same timeframe as students who are present at school. However, if your child is under a Dr.'s care and too sick to complete work just send the Dr. note to school and we will make sure that they have plenty of time to catch up once they are feeling better. See you tomorrow! Have a great Sunday afternoon!
4 months ago, Angie Brewer
It is pretty exciting to be leading the Big 8 in both Softball and Football! Go MC!!!
4 months ago, Angie Brewer
Good Afternoon! We are off to a great start at MCHS! We encourage you to ask your student about their online portfolio. They are creating these in seminar so that they are ready post graduation. Also please remind your student about dress code. Ripped jeans (above fingertip length) half shirts and leggings without a full backside covering are not allowed at MCHS. We hope you had a great weekend! It's a great day to be a MUSTANG!
4 months ago, Angie Brewer
Dress Code
Celebrate Buck's Return to the County!
5 months ago, Angie Brewer
5 months ago, Angie Brewer
Happy Friday Mustangs! We are almost ready to stampede back into the school year! A couple of reminders: 1. Virtual school option enrollment ends Monday. Please come by the MCHS Counseling office prior to Monday at 3PM if you are choosing to enroll your student for the INternet learning option. 2. Make sure your student has logged into the portal to view their schedule. Now get out there and enjoy the weekend!
5 months ago, Angie Brewer
As we prepare to go back to school on August 24th, we have put together a plan to help our students and staff stay healthy and safe. This is a living document that will update as we learn more about this virus and receive guidance from our health department. We are excited to return to school both INperson and INternet! We are stronger together!
5 months ago, Angie Brewer
Stronger Together
Calling All Freshman! Freshman Academy is August 19!!!
6 months ago, Angie Brewer
Our students taking Spanish 1 this summer have been working hard on projects!
6 months ago, Angie Brewer
Spanish Class
If there are any brand new to the county Mustangs out there wondering how to enroll for the Fall, you can do so by filing out the enrollment packet attached here and bringing it by the high school! New Student Enrollment begins August 3rd~ M-F~ 8-2 daily~ until school starts August 24. More information is coming soon on our district return to school plan!
6 months ago, Angie Brewer
Happy Weekend Mustangs! More info will be coming soon letting you know about the options you have for the 2020-2021 school year. In the meantime as school supplies are on sale now in the stores we have put together a general list of supplies for your high school students!
6 months ago, Angie Brewer
Supply list
It's a BEAUTIFUL Sunday morning Mustangs! If you are enrolled in Virtual Summer School Session 1 you only have 2 more weeks to go until you have earned your full credit! If you are enrolled in Onsite Summer School or Virtual Summer School Session 2 you have 2 weeks and 3 days until you have earned your 1/2 credit! Great job everyone~Persevere!
6 months ago, Angie Brewer