McDonald County Schools and Freeman Clinic of Anderson have joined together to keep our students healthy! Students and staff will have immediate access to a nurse practitioner/physician via telecommunication and priority scheduling. Prompt treatment will allow them to return to the classroom as quickly as possible!


If your student is sick and you are unable to miss work or make arrangements to take them to the doctor...THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!


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 Click here to complete and print your student’s health inventory.


Rebecca Bender, FNP-C

Freeman Clinic of Anderson

510 Park St

Anderson, MO 64831

(417) 845-0545

We can help care for your student!

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1. Review Frequently Asked Questions. 

2. Authorize the school to release your student’s medical information to the clinic by completing and signing the bottom box on the back side of the Student Health Inventory Form. Spanish Student Health Inventory

3. Sign Consent to Treatment at the bottom of the Student Health Inventory Form and return to school nurse to have on file for future use.

4. Review Pathways For Care below to see which pathway fits your child’s needs and to see HOW YOU WILL BE CONTACTED to give consent before treatment is initiated.

pathway for care

For more information, please visit Freeman Health - School Clinics.