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  • McDonald County Schools and Freeman Clinic of Anderson have joined together to keep our students healthy! Students and staff will have immediate access to a nurse practitioner/physician via telecommunication and priority scheduling. Prompt treatment will allow them to return to the classroom as quickly as possible!


    If your student is sick and you are unable to miss work or make arrangements to take them to the doctor...THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!


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    Freeman Clinic of Anderson Providers


    Mallorie Rhymer, MD

    Family Practice



    Rebecca Bender, MSN, FNP

    Family Practice


    We can help care for your student!



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    1. Review Frequently Asked Questions.


    2. Authorize the school to release your student’s medical information to the clinic by completing and signing the bottom box on the back side of the Student Health Inventory Form.


    3. Sign Consent to Treatment Form and return to school nurse to have on file for future use.


    4. Review Pathways For Care to see which pathway fits your child’s needs and to see HOW YOU WILL BE CONTACTED to give consent before treatment is initiated.



    Frequently Asked Questions




    What is the school clinic program?
    The McDonald County R-1 School District is partnering with Freeman Clinic of Anderson to provide health care to students, faculty and staff in an easily accessible venue. School health clinics strive to improve the physical and mental health of students, increase access to health care and decrease the time lost from school by partnering to provide health services. School health programs provide an optimal setting to foster learning readiness and academic achievement while helping to meet the health care needs of children.


    What is telecommunication?
    Telecommunication is the use of digital technologies to assist in the delivery of medical care, health education and public health services by connecting multiple users in separate locations.


    Who is eligible for clinic services?
    All students, faculty and staff of the McDonald County R-1 School District.


    What is the cost?
    Freeman Clinic of Anderson bills all insurance types. No student is denied services based solely on the inability to pay. If you do not have insurance, your student will receive care. Our financial counselors are available to assist you in identifying payment options.


    How can this program help me care for my student?
    Many parents face challenges when trying to balance work-life responsibilities — this can be especially difficult when a student experiences an illness or injury at school and the parents are at work. The partnership between the McDonald County School District and Freeman Clinic of Anderson provides timely, convenient care for students. Our goal is to decrease the number of school days your student misses by providing priority access to a medical provider who works hand-in-hand with your school nurse. Together, they determine if your student can return to the classroom or requires further evaluation. For students who need further treatment, we offer priority scheduling — this means your student can get in to see a healthcare provider at Freeman Clinic of Anderson immediately, with your consent.


    What if I cannot miss work or have no transportation to take my student?
    If you have difficulties getting your student to an appointment due to work or lack of transportation, the school district can provide transportation from the school to Freeman Clinic of Anderson. You must contact your school office or school nurse to make transportation arrangements. Parent/Guardian SHOULD attend the first appointment with your student.


    Will signing up mean that we can’t use our family doctor? If we have a
    family doctor, do we need these services?

    The school clinic program is not meant to replace your student’s healthcare provider, although you may use the program even if you have your own provider. You may find it convenient to use the program to help manage your student’s care for an illness or injury that occurs at school or for other services, such as health screenings, that could help your student avoid missing school.


    Can I choose whether my student will receive services? If so, can I select
    which services my student may use?

    Yes. The school nurse will always contact you to obtain permission before seeking treatment for your student with the Freeman Clinic of Anderson providers. Parents are always encouraged to contact the staff with questions or concerns and to be present during their student’s healthcare visit.


    Can the school clinic professionals serve as our primary care provider?
    Yes, absolutely! The staff at Freeman Clinic of Anderson are trained medical professionals able to care for you and your student as primary care providers. They are happy to build a relationship with you to work together in making sure your student stays healthy.


    Will my student’s medical information be kept confidential?
    Yes. Your student’s health information will be treated with strict confidentiality. By signing the consent form, you authorize the clinic staff and school nurses to communicate and share medical information about your student’s medical condition with your student’s primary care provider. It is your responsibility to notify the school of any medication, allergies or medical problems that may affect your student during school.


    What services can be provided through the school clinic program?
    ▪  Audiovisual conferencing between the school nurse and a nurse practitioner to determine whether your student can return to class or needs further evaluation or treatment

    ▪  Physical exam by a nurse practitioner, or physician, with diagnosis and treatment of illness and minor injuries

    ▪  Health and nutrition education, counseling and wellness promotion

    ▪  Prescription for medications when necessary for treatment of acute illnesses or conditions


    When is this service available?
    This service is available during the school year — Monday through Friday during school hours.


    Who do I call if I have a question, need information, or want to schedule an appointment?
    Your school nurse will answer general questions about the program, or you may contact Freeman Clinic of Anderson
    Students: 417.845.0865
    510 Park Street
    Anderson, Missouri 64831


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    Pathways for Care

    Choose the PATHWAY that fits your child’s needs





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