• McDonald County R-1


    Parent Involvement Plan

    Parents will be notified of the Title I Schoolwide plan at the beginning of each school year during open house.  Parents will be given specific instructional objectives of the programs as well as the methods used to achieve those objectives.

    The following strategies and activities are used to increase parent involvement:

    1. All parents are invited and encouraged to participate in the Parent-Teacher Organization
    2. Open House is held prior to the beginning of each school year to introduce parents and students to school and staff.
    3. Parent Nights are held to provide activities and instruction for parents to assist their children at home.
    4. Access to the parent portal on STI provides parents with current information regarding students grades and attendance.
    5. Websites and social media accounts keep parents informed regarding school events and opportunities to become involved in students' education.
    6. Teachers emails are available to parents for contact with teachers regarding any questions or concerns they have regarding their child's education.

    During conference time, teachers explain the meaning of test results (both standardized and informal testing). Interpreters are provided when necessary. Progress reports are sent to parents every 4 1/2 weeks.  Report cards are sent at the completion of each semester.

    Parent compacts are discussed and signed by parents at Open House.  Teachers stress to parents the importance of their commitment to actively participate in their child's education. Parents are encouraged to be involved in school activities throughout the year and communications are sent in English and Spanish to keep parents informed of upcoming events.  Teachers are available to meet with parents and share information as necessary.  Teachers discuss the compact with their students and the teachers and students sign the compacts an evidence of their commitment to working toward a safe and positive school environment.

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