Summer School Live and In Person Begins July 13th

McDonald County School District     

Summer School COVID Plan 2020

Safety Measures


McDonald County School District has prepared this living document for the health, wellness, and safety of our students  and staff participating in summer school 2020. As experts continue to learn more about COVID-19, this document will likely change and/or be amended to. The updates/decisions made by McDonald County School District will be in  conjunction with local and state health officials.  **McDonald County School District will make every effort to maintain   social distancing throughout the entirety of summer school.**

McDonald County R-I School District offers an optional summer learning program. Parents can choose to enroll their children in one of three styles of instruction:

           ● Online: student attends summer school off-campus and receives all instruction virtually through Google Classroom.

           ● In-Person: student attends all summer school on-campus and receives instruction in a traditional face-to-face classroom delivery approach.

           ● Blended: student attends some days on-campus and some days off-campus, receiving instruction in a blended approach of both virtual through Google Classroom and in a traditional face-to-face classroom delivery approach.

Due to an increase in positive cases of coronavirus within the boundaries of our school district, McDonald County Schools will hold all summer school instruction virtually through Google Classroom for the first week of the summer school session. The District will consult with McDonald County Health Department to determine if in-person summer school is safe for students after the first week of school. If it is still unsafe for groups to gather within schools, summer school will continue to be offered virtually through Google Classroom. If it is safe for groups to gather within schools, traditional face-to-face classroom instruction will begin as soon as possible. The following safety plan will be implemented in the event that face-to-face instruction will be offered.


   July 6-10 (All students will receive virtual instruction)

   July 13-August 5th (Onsite and virtual instruction)


  • McDonald County High School (9-12)

  • Anderson Middle School (6-8)

  • Anderson Elementary (K-5)

  • Rocky Comfort School (K-8)

  • Pineville School (K-8)

  • White Rock (K-8)

  • Noel Elementary (3-8)

  • Noel Primary (K-2)

  • Southwest City School (K-8)


  • McDonald County High School (8am-3pm) Doors Open at 7:30am

  • Anderson Middle School (8am-3pm) Doors Open at 7:30am

  • Anderson Elementary (8am-3pm) Doors Open at 7:45am

  • Rocky Comfort School (8am-3pm) Doors Open at 7:30am

  • Pineville School (8am-3pm) Doors Open at 7:45am

  • White Rock (8am-3pm) Doors Open at 7:30am

  • Noel Elementary (8am-3pm) Doors Open at 7:45am

  • Noel Primary (8am-3pm) Doors Open at 7:30am

  • Southwest City School (8am-3pm) Doors Open at 7:30am


   For students/families who do not feel comfortable with in-person summer school, McDonald County School District will  offer online learning for students in grades K-8. A certified teacher will monitor student progress and meet virtually on a weekly basis. 


   McDonald County School District will provide transportation for summer school 2020.  Drivers and aides will be trained

   on how to sanitize the bus after each use. Students will be assigned seats and will be social distanced at all times from

   other riders.  Face masks will be worn by all employees and riders. Students not following riding guidelines will lose 

   riding privileges.   


  • Parent drop off will be car lane only to reduce the number of people entering the building

  • Parents should remain in their car during drop off

  • Please be mindful of students unloading during this time; do not pull your vehicle into motion until all students/staff are clear

  • Students will use hand sanitizer or hand washing upon arrival into classrooms

  • Common areas will be restricted where feasible

  • Student will report directly to their classrooms 

  • Students being dropped off by bus will be released according to social distancing recommended procedures


  • Use of the car line for student pick-up only

  • Parents should remain in the car to promote social distancing

  • Be mindful of students loading vehicles around you; do not pull your vehicle into motion until all students/staff are clear

  • Students riding the bus home will load from the back to the front according to their assigned seats


  • Breakfast and Lunch are provided at no charge during summer school

  • All students K-12 will eat breakfast and lunch in their classrooms or outside if possible.

  • Students bringing their own lunch need to make sure it is secured in a lunch bag and not handled by other students


  • Parents will need to fill out and sign the attached STUDENT WAIVER OF PARTICIPATION LIABILITY on the first day of attendance

  • Upon arrival students will report straight to their classroom and staff will monitor to ensure no congregating occurs

  • Social distancing strategies will be implemented in each classroom

  • Students will be taught appropriate hygiene/COVID practices (Do the Five ) and encouraged to maintain distance from each other in school

  • Breaks will be scheduled for frequent restroom and handwashing needs 

  • Encourage classes and employees to create their own hand signals to replace shaking hands, hugging or giving high-fives

  • Class sizes will limited to 15 students and rooms arranged to follow distancing guidelines

  • Appropriate measures will be taken for cleaning Chromebooks or other technology

  • In order to avoid cross contamination, special classes will be conducted in the cohort classroom (PE class will be conducted outside when weather permits)

  • Students will be in one classroom for the duration of the day with the exception of arrival, dismissal, physical

  • education, recess, and restroom breaks.

  • There will be no whole-school gatherings or assemblies of any kind. All communication from the school principal, including daily announcements and awarding of prizes, will be conducted virtually.

  • Social distancing of at least 6 feet will be expected at all times in all classrooms. 

  • Students will have the same desk space for the duration of summer school to minimize exposure to the virus.

  • Students will not share supplies or devices to minimize exposure to the virus. 

  • When lining up to leave the classroom, students will be spaced 6 feet apart.

  • Teachers will offer several breaks and movement opportunities throughout the day to counteract the restrictions

  • of staying in one room and not working in groups.

  • Students will bring their own personal water bottles and should be marked and kept at each student’s desk

    • With water fountains being closed, water bottles will be refilled at filling stations provided in each classroom


  • Passing periods will be limited

  • Movement throughout buildings will be reduced

  • Spacing of at least 6 feet will be marked in all hallways to help students and staff maintain safe social distance at all times.

  • Teachers will communicate with other staff members/principals in regard to transition times and restroom breaks to ensure only one class is in a hallway at a time.

  • Water fountains will be closed. Students should bring a water bottle from home each day. 

  • Restroom breaks will be scheduled hourly. With the exception of emergencies, students will not be permitted to leave the classroom to visit the restroom between breaks.

  • Each classroom will have a dedicated restroom to minimize exposure to the virus. Only that classroom will be permitted to use that restroom.

  • Every other urinal, and sink will be marked out-of-order to ensure safe social distancing: toilet stalls having barriers will not need to be closed off.

  • Maximum number of occupants allowed in a restroom will be posted and teachers will monitor this.

  • Students will be taught how to wash their hands properly. Teachers will model this hourly.

  • The custodial staff will disinfect all restroom surfaces between scheduled restroom breaks using a safe and effective EPA approved disinfectant purchased by the school district.


  • Parents must call ahead if they have a need to visit the school, outside of an emergency situation

  • No lunch guest or volunteers will be permitted

  • Visitors, except for outside necessary employees providing student instruction and student services, will not be allowed in the building


  • Students will participate in daily outdoor recess, weather permitting

  • Teachers will communicate with their principal to schedule recess times that are staggered and do not allow classrooms to co-mingle 

  • Play will include no-contact activities

  • Classroom recess equipment used should be disinfected daily

  • Handwashing/sanitizer upon re-entry of buildings


  • Cleaning with COVID and EPA approved products for frequently touched hard, non-porous surfaces (counters, tabletops, stair rails, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, toilets, drinking fountains) (CLEANING PROCEDURES)

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be installed throughout the building

  • Students and families will be provided with best practices for hygiene during the school day and upon arriving at home

  • Only trained staff will be allowed to clean classroom surfaces (Students will clean up at their own workstation if a mess occurs during instruction)


  • Encourage parents to check their child's temperature every morning before school

  • Each attendance site will have either a RN or a health assistant

  • Students will be asked to wash hands while visiting the nurse

  • Students will be sent home for any symptoms of cough/cold/fever >100

    • A note from the child’s health care provider will be required upon returning to school

  • Nursing staff will wash hands and clean health room surfaces (cot, counters, chair, etc.) in between each student seen (only students who require daily medications or have scrapes and bumps will be seen in the nurse's office)

  • Students who are ill will be moved to a separate room to be checked by the nurse and will be kept there until parents pick them up (this room will be cleaned after each student has been seen)

  • School Nurses will provide COVID safety materials to faculty and staff

  • If you have medication for your child, please schedule a time with school nurse to drop it off

  • Encourage parents to screen students at home prior to sending to school


  • Use of personal masks will be allowed for students

  • Parents who send their child with a mask should teach them appropriate usage

  • If a mask or other PPE is disruptive to the educational environment the administrator may call the parent/guardian 

  • Use of personal masks will be required for all staff and for students in grades 6-12 and recommended for students K-5


  • Contact Health Department and follow recommended procedures

  • Identify student exposure in relation to direct contact with others and facility exposure

  • Address the infected space using proven practices

  • Perform target cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched hard, non-porous surfaces (counters, tabletops, stair rails, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, toilets, drinking fountains)

  • Inspect areas to determine readiness for re-entry

  • Consult with Health Department prior to re-entry

  • Each building will identify a care room for housing sick students-this room will be separated, as much as possible, from the rest of the student population